Franklin Truong. 19.


I transferred from Grant high school one of the top schools for tennis over to Franklin high school, people called it the “worse” tennis school in Portland. (Haha yes, Franklin goes to Franklin.) I had high hopes to change the team to one of the top schools I wanted to use what I had learned at Grant as the co-captain to help the team become one of the top schools for tennis. That year Franklin’s Men’s tennis team got a new coach named Ted. Both Ted and I shared the same goal to create a team that would win a district team title. My junior year we worked hard to build a team, instead of placing last as usual we placed second we took the entire P.I.L. league by surprise.

This year as a senior we continued to work on making our team number one in the P.I.L. League. Every team was after us. Everyone on my team worked extremely hard and to our surprise we won every single match with a 5-0 team overall record. We were undefeated. Finally Ted and my dream of creating a team that would win the district team title has finally became reality.

On my personal record I was the only one in the P.I.L. league to be undefeated; I qualified for states and got third in my district. The last match of districts was between a kid from Cleveland named Sebastian and I. Cleveland and Franklin high school both had 30 points as a team, basically if Sebastian won then Cleveland would be number one in district and if I won Franklin would win the district team title.  The match lasted from 3p.m.-6p.m. it was the longest match I’ve played in singles and to my surprise I won the match in straight sets with a score of 7-5 6-4.  Once I won the team came rushing in and picked me up and tossed me around. This year has been the best year of high school tennis for me personally and the team.

I want to thank all those that have supported me throughout the years. May it be my family, coaches, friends, girlfriends i couldn’t have done it without you guys during those times. The shoes that you guys signed made me feel like you were all there with me though you guys were at school. And the good luck key charm has been with me the entire season allowing me to be undefeated. Thanks everyone.

Franklin High School has been opened for 99 years, and in those years they have never won anything for tennis. We finally broke that curse and won the district team title. We are in the P.I.L. and Franklin high school’s hall of fame. This Sunday we have been invited to the Tigard Woods Center at the Nike Campus to get the P.I.L. Team District Title award and my coach will receive the “Coach of the year” award. (Which he does not know of.) My only regret is not taking off time to allow my shoulder to heal from an injury from last year and it has come back to haunt me recently. Tomorrow is States time to give it my all even though I’m injured. As they say “go hard or go home”.


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